Improve your shooting and experience base with our range of classes designed for those who want to progress their shooting.

Meet, socialise and shoot with likeminded individuals at a number of locations across London and beyond.

Attend a range of specially selected Game shooting days, either as an introduction or to further your experience of game shooting.
Attend exclusive activities, including private shoots, and behind the scenes visits.

Access to some of the best and most challenging game shooting in the UK and abroad.

Socialise with other members across a range of backgrounds, brought together by their interest and passion in shooting.
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Learn from field leading instructors and coaches at world famous and renowned venues. 

Includes an introduction to shooting lesson

Free baseball cap and gilet

We do all the organising for you, from private lessons to group practice and we arrange events to improve your shooting.

Meet like minded people with a growing interest in shooting.
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Part of the appeal of shooting is that there is always more to learn and the more experience you gain as a shot, the more you will be able to enjoy your time with the gun. 

Having good basic skills, balance and posture make you a more accurate shot, whether you shoot grouse, pheasant or clays. 

To ensure our members are able to develop, we offer private, semi private and group lessons, as well as day clinics, intensive courses including a variety of lectures and demonstrations. We give bespoke coaching tailored to your individual requirements from top instructors and the leading experts in their field.
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Great Club Benefits


All Ages Welcome


Open Every Day


Good Company
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