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Member Development


Member Development is a key focus for us at London Shooting Club and our goal is to assist all members in improving and reaching their individual goals whatever their chosen discipline 


Part of the appeal of shooting is that there is always more to learn and the more experience you gain as a shot, the more you will be able to enjoy your time with the gun. Having good basic skills, balance and posture make you a more accurate shot, whether you shoot grouse, pheasant or clays. To ensure our members are able to develop, we offer private, semi private and group lessons, as well as day clinics, intensive courses including a variety of lectures and demonstrations and bespoke coaching tailored to your individual requirements from top instructors and the leading experts in their field.






Whether you are learning to shoot or are looking to develop your skills, shooting regularly is highly recommended in order to maintain your style, good habits, as well as playing a fundamental part to your improvement. Regular clay shooting, and simulated game days offered by the London Shooting Club are a great way to do this....




We arrange shooting clinics for small groups on a regular basis at various locations throughout the year. Keep looking at our schedule of events, or if you require specific help, feel free to contact us. We make these clinics informative and fun, ensuring you go away shooting better




Shooting requires a high level of muscle coordination and although fitness may not seem relevent to most shooters any improvement in fitness will have an incremental affect on the accuracy and consistency of your shooting



Shooting Consultations

All members are entitled to complimentary Shooting Consultations with a member of the London Shooting Club team. These are available either in person in central London or by telephone, and provide an ideal opportunity for us to get to know you as an individual and assess your goals, interests and aspirations as a member....



Coaching & Training

Whether you fancy clay shooting with an Olympian or would like to make your debut in competition, The London Shooting Club offers a great selection of coaching and training opportunities for members who wish to develop their shooting to a higher level...


All members are entitled to a complimentary Shooting Consultation which aims to individually access your goals and interests as well as look at practical factors such as how much time you can dedicate to shooting and where you live and work. 

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