The Shooting Club

How to join


All members should assess their own shooting ability and fill in the detailed application form prior to joining. It is important to note that shooting consists of many different disciplines and it is possible to be a very good and safe shot at a certain discipline or type of shooting such as caly pigeon or but then to be a beginner stage for game shooting or deer stalking, members should only participate in events that are suitable for their level of experience and expertise in that particular discipline. If in doubt a member of the London Shooting Club team is on hand both prior to joining or during your membership to help guide you on what events are suitable for you to attend. 


It is always important to ere on the side of caution when it comes to shooting and even the most advanced shots are encouraged to aim slightly lower than their level or to take instructed lessons for their first few activities with the club. 


To apply for membership follow the below instructions: 


  1. Fill in an online application form
  2. Choose your membership type - don't worry if you are not sure this can easily be changed and you can always contact us to discuss. 
  3. Pay your one off Lifetime membership fee of only £250 or £95
  4. As soon as payment is received we will process your membership and you will be able to access the logged in area of the site and get started! 

Upgrading Membership  


Please note that Beginners can upgrade to a higher level at any time - Just speak to one of our instructors or contact us




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