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About London Shooting Club

The London Shooting Club was launched in 2012 by a group of passionate shooting enthusiasts who saw the need for a friendly, helpful and informative shooting club to help Londoners get the most out of their sport. Clive Hetherington, our Managing Director, was Chairman of Riding Club London for more than 2 years. They provide a similar service to equestrian enthusiasts and it has been a great success and well supported by its members. Founded on the belief that it is more enjoyable to shoot with good friends, the club hopes to bring like minded people together and make 'going shooting' simple and fun. We will work hard to ensure you feel welcome and will advise and accompany you whenever and wherever necessary. Our research has made it clear that there is a demand for a new type of shooting club in London.

Through detailed research and use of our extensive network, we formed a vision of a private members club in London which could source good shooting, venues and equipment, and organise trips in the UK and abroad. The club should also be a social network of like-minded shooting enthusiasts, and provide access to exclusive venues and events.

London Shooting Clubis a full services members’ club that will include beginners, competent and advanced shots. It has also branched out to provide an extensive shooting concierge service for visitors to London and the UK. The London Shooting Club will evolve as an internationally recognised brand for shooting sport, leisure, travel, fashion and high end luxury.

For the growing team at London Shooting Club, our aim is to continue developing both as a membership club and as a shooting service provider, without ever compromising on quality.

To learn more about Clive and the rest of the London Shooting Club team click here.


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